~ — Regular-expression match on an object name
abstract — Checks whether a class or method was declared abstract
deprecated — Checks whether a class, field or method is marked deprecated
exists — Checks if a transform applied to each member of a set returns an empty set
interface — Checks whether a class object is an interface
is array — Checks whether a type is an array type
is reference type (Java), is class type (C#/CIL) — Checks whether a type is a reference type or a built-in type
matching — Checks if a string matches the name of the object
package (Java), private, protected, public, internal (C#/CIL) — Checks the visibility of a class/method/field
static — Checks whether a field or method is static
uncalled — Checks if there is any call to the method
uncalled polymorphic — Checks if there is any polymorphic call to the method
write — Checks if a field reference is read or write

A filter transforms a set by applying a boolean check to each member of the set individually; if the check succeeds, the member is included in the result set.

Like transforms, filters are applied to the front of a set expression. For example, interface is a filter that applies to classes and passes only those classes that are interfaces. So the set expression

interface classes in package "org.eclipse.core.runtime"

returns the interfaces that are in the org.eclipse.core.runtime package.

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