Simple Set Expressions

all annotations — Returns all the annotations in the analyzed system
all classes — Returns all classes in the analyzed system
all packages — Returns all the packages in the analyzed system
all strings — Return all the string constants defined in the analyzed system
class "name" — Select a single class by name
package (Java)/namespace (C#/CIL) — Select a single package/namespace by name
strings "string" — Return a specific string constant

Simple set expressions define the set of objects that provides the initial scope of the query. You apply transforms and value expressions to the result of the simple set expression to traverse the object graph to retrieve the set of objects you want.

Sometimes the simple set expression is just a constant. When you are searching from a particular type, the simple set is the name of the type as a string, and you apply the type value expression to get the type object, and go from there.

The other simple set expressions are listed in this section.

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